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Solving Problems.

Sharing a meal provides more than mere nourishment for the body; it provides nourishment for the soul.

Jeff Goldone knows that dining is about more than eating—it’s about the experience as a whole. It’s as much about hospitality and ambience as it is about exceptional quality. Achieving success is dependent upon exceeding expectations and improving customer satisfaction. With this in mind, Jeff’s focus is elder care and satisfaction is his primary goal. 

Jeff also knows that transforming the dining experience takes intentional effort. Not satisfied with the status quo, his proven dining service operations track record includes dining services management, dining staff recruitment and retention, assessment and development of labor budgets and food costs, vendor purchasing negotiations and monitoring, and layout and design for kitchens, dining venues, and households.

In recent years, his passion has become the household model of care. From equipping kitchens to hands-on training for staff, his ideal is residents who wake up to smell the coffee brewing and become fully engaged with others as they eat together, share life’s stories, and feel at home.


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Fontbonne University

ActionPact, Inc.


  • Self-Directed Living 
  • Staff Training and Development Materials
  • Production Skills Training
  • Resident Satisfaction
  • Operational Oversight or Review
  • Interim Operational Support
  • Management Selection Review
  • Catering and Large Event Support

Self-Directed Living

(also known as Resident Directed Care) Comprehensive neighborhood and household-model of care training programs for homemakers, care companions, and coordinators.  

This three to five day training class focuses on equipping the homemaker with all the necessary skills for performing their job duties.  All household and neighborhood caregivers and nurses are encouraged to also attend in order to fully understand the dining component of culture change.  

The training covers such topics as:

  • The philosophy of Culture Change – self-directed living
  • Relationships 
  • Team Expectations
  • Dining with Dignity
  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Food First and Liberalized Diets
  • Menu Planning
  • Cooking Terminology and Techniques
  • Following a Recipe
  • Timing in Meal Preparation
  • Food Safety and Sanitation
  • Kitchen Safety
  • Temperatures
  • Equipment Use and Care
  • Resident Activities
  • Family Support
  • Night Shift Support
  • Hands-on Meal Preparation

Staff Training and Development Materials

Appropriate dining services training materials for employee orientation, job tasks, wait staff procedures, customer service, in-service topics and kitchen safety

Standard or custom developed training materials for: 

  • New Employee Orientation
  • Specific Job Tasks
  • Employee Mentoring Program 
  • Dining Room Wait Staff  Procedures
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Kitchen Safety
  • Safe Food Handling
  • Interviewing and Hiring Techniques
  • Employee Supervision Practices
  • Budgeting
  • Catering Procedures

Production Skills Training

General standard cooking techniques for production staff and/or household homemakers 

Standard Cooking Techniques for:

  • Cooks
  • Prep Cooks
  • Cold Prep
  • Bakery
  • Short Order
  • Texture Modification (chopped, ground, puree)

Resident Satisfaction

Survey and review of existing resident satisfaction levels and establishing processes for increasing overall satisfaction rating scores

Review of current levels of resident and/or employee satisfaction throughout the entire organization with recommendations for increasing overall satisfaction scores through:

  • Surveys
  • Mystery Diner Surveys
  • Comment Cards
  • Dining Room Visitation
  • Learning Circles
  • Town Hall Assemblies

Operational Oversight or Review

Providing a comprehensive analysis of existing dining services staffing patterns, labor costs, labor efficiency, food costs, supply costs and recommendations for potential cost savings

A comprehensive review of all areas of the dining operation with recommendations for improving staff efficiency and customer satisfaction while reducing costs.  Reviews focus on:

  • Menu
  • Food Costs
  • Non-food Costs
  • Staffing Patterns
  • Labor Costs

Interim Operational Support

Short term management coverage during the absence of a key management position.

Temporary operational management coverage (two week – three months) during an extended absence of key dining leadership staff.

Management Selection Review

Assistance with the recruitment, interviewing and selection process for key dining services management staff.

Assistance with the recruitment, interviewing, hiring, placement, and training of new dining leadership staff including:

  • Director of Dining Services
  • Assistant Director of Dining Services
  • Dining Services Supervisor
  • Executive Chef
  • Registered Dietitian

Catering and Large Event Support

Assistance in planning, execution and serving of large community events

Hands on support for catering large in-house and outside events through:

  • Planning Event Themes
  • Menu Planning
  • Pricing
  • Staffing
  • Set Up
  • Food Preparation
  • Service


  • Vendor Purchasing Agreements
  • Dining Services Employment Practices
  • Kitchen & Dining Venue Layout and Design
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Food Safety and Sanitation
  • Operational F-Tag 371 Inspections
  • Menu and Recipe Development
  • Speaking Engagements

Vendor Purchasing Agreements

Establishing partner agreements with vendors to optimize purchases and cost savings with:

  • Primary Food Vendors
  • Secondary Food Vendors
  • Specialty Vendors
  • Small Wares and Capital Equipment Vendors

Dining Services Employment Practices

A comprehensive  review of dining services new and existing employee practices related to employee recruitment, interviewing and selection, training, retention, compensation and supervision

A thorough review of all department practices related to employment and recommendations as appropriate.  Practices will include:

  • Recruitment and Advertising Methods
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Selection Procedures
  • Training Practices
  • Retention Practices
  • Compensation Policies
  • Performance Review Practices
  • Termination Practices

Kitchen & Dining Venue Layout and Design

Assistance and review of new projects, existing remodels , renovations or expansions for the greatest efficiency in work flow and cost savings

Assistance working with architects and kitchen designers for:

  • New kitchen and/or Dining Venues
  • Remodels, Renovations or Expansions of existing kitchen or dining venues
  • Household Kitchen Design

Equipment Specifications

Providing expertise in capital projects with equipment specification review and selection for user safety, durability, and cost and energy savings

Equipment specifications review of all new purchases for new construction, remodels, expansions.  

Review will focus on:

  • Equipment Safety
  • Durability
  • Energy Savings
  • Special Features
  • Cost

Food Safety and Sanitation

Certified instructor for the ServSafe Food Safety and Sanitation Certification Course

Certified instructor of the ServSafe food safety and sanitation course: 

  • All day training class with certification exam given at the end of an eight-hour class
  • Mini ServSafe class – a four hour general food safety training for any or all staff, short exam given, but would not meet the certification requirements

Operational F-Tag 371 Inspections

Survey walk-through of production and service areas prior to licensure inspections

A thorough inspection and review of food production and service areas in preparation for upcoming licensure survey.  

The process includes:

  • Inspection of All Delivery, Storage, Production, and Serving Areas
  • Dining Venues and Floor Pantries
  • Meal Service Observation
  • Temperature Logging Practices
  • Employee Practices

Menu and Recipe Development

Development and costing of menus for selective cycles, household or neighborhood resident dining, buffet-style dining, bistro,  café, pub or bar venues, fine-dining table service dining, and special catering event, along with accompanying recipes

Menu writing and recipe development for a variety of service areas which can include:

  • Selective Cycle Menus – 5 or 6 weeks
  • Standard Household or Neighborhood Menus
  • Buffet Style Dining Menus
  • Bistro or Café Menus
  • Fine Dining Menus
  • Pub or Bar Menus
  • Special Catered Event Menus

Speaking Engagements

Presenting instruction or discussion topics related to nutrition, dining services or resident directed care for residents, families, community associations, or state and national conferences

Professional presenter for local or national meeting or conferences on topics such as:

  • Culture Change Dining – Self-Directed Living
  • Household Dining 101 – Where to Begin
  • The New Role of the CDM in The Household Model of Care
  • Achieving a Deficiency Free Survey
  • Healthy Eating Habits for Seniors
  • Food Matters in Alzheimer’s Care
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Homemakers
  • The Homemaker - The Key Ingredient For Household Dining

  • Enhancing Resident Satisfaction in Senior Living Dining

About Jeff

Jeffrey R. Goldone is a senior management professional with experience in dining services that spans over 40 years. His expertise within the senior living industry includes dining services, contract food service management, and customer service training and development. He has embraced person-centered/resident-directed care with a passion that has made him a leader in transforming the dining experience in a manner that truly creates the feeling of home. 

For twenty years, Jeff held corporate oversight of dining service programs for nine continuing care retirement communities as part of a multi-site senior living organization. During his tenure, the number of meals served each year exceeded two million as he developed and implemented fine dining, bistro and grille, buffet-style, pub dining, and grab-and-go markets in independent living. He also designed and opened household kitchens and developed hands-on training for homemakers and care companions for resident-directed care households in skilled nursing, assisted living, and memory care. 

Holding degrees in Foods and Nutrition from Dominican University, Jeff is a Certified Dietary Manager (CDM), adjunct professor for the CDM course at Fontbonne University, and a certified instructor for ServSafe® Food Safety certification. Jeff serves as a regular consultant for Action Pact, and has participated in local and national speaking forums in order to advance innovation, professionalism, and excellence in senior living dining.



I have known Jeff Goldone since 2011.  Utilizing his extensive management experience, he has been a leader in transforming dining services in the long term care setting from institutional and impersonal to home-like and personalized.  This undertaking required skill in all of the major management functions including planning, organizing, staffing, directing and budgeting to name a few.  Most importantly, Jeff is a transformative leader, capable of managing the major culture change necessary for his managers and staff and seeks opportunities to develop the skills of his team.
Jeff has been very generous with his time in support of the next generation of dietitians and managers by volunteering his time to teach the topic of Staff Development to junior level college students.  His classroom skills are excellent; he is an engaging teacher and my students always spoke very positively about his lecture saying that it opened their eyes to new career possibilities and the importance of training and developing employees.  He is always welcome in my classroom!
Jeff has also shared, and continues to share, his knowledge and expertise in the area of food service management by way of instructing the continuing education course offered by Fontbonne University for certified dietary managers.  His teaching style and his vast background of practical day-to-day experiences has made the course exciting and relevant for the students.  The success rate students passing the national certified exam for certified dietary managers continue to exceed well above national averages thanks in large part to his teaching effectiveness. 

Mary Beth Ohlms, MEd, RD, LD
Assistant Professor
Chair, Department of Family & Consumer Sciences
Fontbonne University
St. Louis, MO


Jeff Goldone is the consummate food service management executive.  I have worked with Jeff for 20 years in the Senior Living arena where he problem solves with a glass half-full attitude that is contagious for all team members. He is a trail blazer. Jeff embraces change and makes decisions that are resident centered, as well as practical and cost effective.  Jeff is a professional who leaves no detail unfinished. Above all else, his work and his life reflect a man of integrity.  His knowledge of food management coupled with his caring attitude has enhanced the lives of countless seniors.

Joann Augsburger Jana, RD,LD, St. Louis, MO.
President, Registerd Dietitian Associates, Inc.


For nearly two decades, US Foods, and its manufacturing representatives, have had the opportunity to work with Jeff Goldone and his dining services management team to develop a strategic partnership for quality, value, savings and growth for food and supply purchases.  His knowledge, leadership approach, and open and honest communications created a win/win/win situation between US Foods, GPO Premier, and Lutheran Senior Services.  His expectation for high quality standards, while at the same time maximizing the most cost effective price and/or rebate incentives, created a highly successful, and best practices dining program for his organization. His continual support and his positive and professional working relationship made both our companies stronger.  It has indeed been a pleasure working with him.  
Thank you Jeff for your leadership and partnership!  

Bob Rigoni, Director, 
National and Healthcare
US Foods, St. Louis Division


In 1987, as president of the Lutheran Altenheim Society of Missouri, I contracted with Guest Services, Inc., as a contract foodservice management company.  Early on, as District Manager for GSI, Jeff turned the dining operations around by improving food quality, reducing costs, and most importantly, increasing resident and employee satisfaction with the food service operation for the three distinct levels of care.  As time passed the Altenheim developed and opened two additional CCRC campuses, of which Jeff was instrumental in the planning and operational oversight for dining.  In 1995-96 the Altenheim merged with Lutheran Health Care to form Lutheran Senior Services and Jeff became an employee of LSS, providing corporate oversight to all dining operations of the organizations.  His dedication and loyalty to Lutheran Altenheim and LSS never waivered, even when he initially worked for a contract management company.  Jeff has a long-standing reputation for his high standards of excellence in food quality and service, and his concern and compassion for those who work with him, and for those they serve.  He has and is a blessing to many.

Edward E. Schmidt, former President and CEO of Lutheran Altenheim Society of Missouri (retired), St. Louis, MO.


For over fourteen years, as a direct report to me as Chief Operating Officer for Lutheran Senior Services, Jeff Goldone served as the administrator of Dining Services.   Jeff’s position made him responsible for managing and overseeing the dining service program that served nearly 2.5 million meals annually, with a budget of $20M and 700+ full and part time dining services employees.  He is well experienced in employee recruitment, training and supervision.  He is well versed in developing and monitoring operational, labor and capital budgets.  
Jeff managed contracting, vendor relationships, and group purchasing entities for a network of providers, ensuring the most effective cost savings programs and incentives for the organization.  
Jeff was instrumental in the successful move to meal preparation in the household model of care for 700 nursing home residents and one hundred residents living in assisted living dementia in at least thirty-two households and two neighborhoods.  Jeff was an “early adopter” in the journey to person centered care and was pivotal in our success.  He embraced the philosophy immediately, knowing all along it’s the right way to care for older adults.  In the transition to households Jeff educated household staff members (homemakers, household coordinators, care companions and nursing personnel) on all aspects of dining services and food safety.  Identifying the right person to be a homemaker can be a challenge.  Jeff is skilled in knowing which candidate will succeed.
Jeff was involved in the design for household kitchens with an emphasis on kitchen safety, resident involvement in food preparation, and creating a residential kitchen that could be in anyone’s home. He oversaw the stocking of each household with the proper appliances, small wares, and supplies, and put systems in place to monitor food and supply usage and budget compliance.
Throughout the growth of LSS during Jeff’s tenure, he designed and implemented various models of food service delivery for newly constructed or expanded CCRCs.  He developed dining venue concepts and created the layout and design and menus for bistros, cafés, bars, fine dining restaurants, buffets, juice bars, households and employee cafeterias and snack bars.   
As a Certified Dietary Manager, and now an adjunct professor for Fontbonne University in St. Louis, he has successfully trained over thirty dietary staff to become CDMs.  He has served as a preceptor for dietetic interns from Barnes-Jewish and St. Louis University Hospitals for over twenty-five years. As an avid educator Jeff developed and implanted numerous training programs such as kitchen and knife safety, food safety, wait staff training, customer service, menu planning, and cooking classes.  He is a certified instructor for the national ServSafe food safety course.  Jeff is a highly regarded presenter at national and state senior living conferences, the Alzheimer’s Association,  Fontbonne University and St. Louis University Hospital.  
Jeff is highly talented in event planning for those large or small special events where you want to dazzle the attendees, complete with food and beverage service, arrangement of room, table linens and decorations, etc.  He is generous and hospitable in opening his personal home and preparing and serving golf auction fundraising dinners, or hosting resident events for Oktoberfest or Christmas house tours.
Needless to say, Jeff made my job worry free when it came to overseeing the dining services aspect of operations.  It was a pleasure to work with such a fine, honest, insightful and hard-working professional.

Linda Detring, Innsbrook, MO.
Former Chief Operating Officer (Retired)


Jeff Goldone is a visionary leader who truly understands culture change and the skilled nursing transformation.  Jeff is a gifted educator who is able to connect with frontline staff and help them to understand how person centered care relates to meals and the dining experience.  Jeff can help take the dining experience in any senior living setting to the next level of engagement and satisfaction.

Colleen B., Glen Carbon, IL.
CCRC Executive Director

I have known Jeff Goldone for 15 years.  I live in independent living at Breeze Park and this is where I’ve had the opportunity to meet him on numerous occasions to discuss resident needs and concerns.  Most importantly, he not only learned about me but also about the many residents at the Breeze Park Community.  He was always open to suggestions about food service and always came up with ideas for improvement.  Jeff always put the residents first and wanted Dining Services to be an enjoyable experience for all residents and their guests.  

Dorothy Bauer, Independent Living, St. Charles, MO.
Resident at Breeze Park with Lutheran Senior Services


I have worked with Jeff over the last 6 years in a variety of capacities and I am pleased to say that I have seen him display his talents in many roles. As a co-worker I have seen him display person centered care by involving residents in everyday activities especially in the kitchen when cooking for them. As a teacher he taught me to never give up and to dream big.  As a leader he demonstrates teamwork by working right along with his employees, especially at special events like the a community’s Benevolent Care Brunch, which brings people back year after year! Jeff would be a great asset to any organization that he was to be associated with.

Kristina W., St. Louis
LNHA, CDM and CCRC Household Coordinator


When it comes to expertise, professionalism and a passion for recognizing the needs of older adults, Jeff Goldone is the leader.  I was fortunate to work with Jeff in a long term care setting for several years.  If he did not know the answer, which did not happen often, he knew how to obtain the information and vigilantly followed up.  One of Jeff’s greatest strengths is in his ability to share his extensive knowledge of resident directed care and transform a group of employees into a high performing team.  His teaching style is creative, engaging, and enthusiastic.  Jeff has the drive and passion to lead a team of people through a journey of transformation.  I know him to never waver in his commitment to provide the best possible life for older adults in senior living.

Suzanne E. Correnti, Dining Services Director, St. Charles, MO.
Food Service Director


I have had the opportunity to work Jeff Goldone over the past ten years.  He has helped my community develop numerous programs related to dining services in a continuing care retirement community setting.  He has expertise in training, budgetary analysis, regulatory compliance, fine dining and development of dining standards to establish resident satisfaction.

Sherry King, CCRC Executive Director, Jefferson City, MO.


As residents of Laclede Groves, we have been privileged to be recipients of Jeff Goldone’s hospitality and talents in planning and executing attractive and delicious meals for special occasions.
Jeff’s friendliness and generosity extended far beyond the responsibilities of his daily job position. He offered catered parties in his home as fund raising auction items. He also graciously hosted several hundred residents there at special Christmas and Oktoberfest events for many years. We residents miss his caring presence.

Hugh and  Doris Harrington, St. Louis, MO.
Laclede Groves Retirement Center 


I first met Jeff in 2007 when he attended an Action Pact 5-day intensive “Life Happens in the Kitchen”.  He had already embraced the philosophy of making the dining experience a focal point of resident directed care.  He came to confirm his beliefs and to learn even more about how he could guide his organization into full meal preparation in households.  He has been a champion for resident directed care ever since, always striving to provide the best possible dining opportunities for elders, and for instilling the highest standards of meal preparation and service through various employee training programs that he has developed.  I am thrilled to be able to tap into Jeff’s many years of practical experience and knowledge as part of Action Pact’s training and consulting team.

LaVrene Norton, MSW, Milwaukee, WI.
Action Pact
Founder & Executive Leader


Jeff Goldone instills in his team, co-workers and residents the expectation to set the bar high and to continually drive towards excellence.  Whether it involves entertaining, decorating, or special event planning and coordination, he adds a creative flair which sets his work a cut above the rest.  His engagement of people and his abilities to energize everyone involved is the mark of a true hospitality professional.  Jeff warmly welcomes and embraces all community disciplines when coordinating community events.  His genuine hospitality in welcoming hundreds of residents to his historic home for an Oktoberfest or Christmas House Tour has been an annual tradition for a dozen years or more, and one that residents eagerly look forward to.  The community’s activity departments have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jeff because he contributes and gives so much to so many.

Marilyn Coplin, St. Louis, MO.


I have known Jeff for over ten years.  I have found him to be one of the most caring and compassionate people I have had the pleasure of knowing.  He is a true leader in and advocates for culture change in all the trainings he had developed and presented.  His focus is always on making sure all residents have the opportunity to enjoy life.  Jeff is an exceptional trainer and believes that hands on trainings are the best approach.  He created all of the training materials that are used in the households in my community.  He brings years of experience with him and can work with any level of staff.  He has been a presenter at conferences all over the U.S. to advocate person centered care.  His first class of graduating certified dietary managers had a 89% success rate, higher than the national average of 76%.

Sandy Foster, CDM
Director of Dining, St. Louis, MO.


I am currently the Director of Dining Services at a CCRC senior living community in Springfield, Illinois, and have over 30 years of experience in the food service industry.  I had the pleasure to both take the CDM class and work with Jeff.  He is dedicated to his students and extremely patient and helpful no matter how difficult the topic may be.  Jeff is always available for questions or advice.
Jeff is a delight to work with, putting his extensive knowledge and experience to the service of all without restriction.  I would recommend Jeff Goldone for any project or teaching needs with no reservation. 

Stephane Perrin
Director of Dining
Springfield, Illinois


My comments serve as a personal and professional recommendation for Jeffrey Goldone.  I had the opportunity and pleasure of working both for him in the capacity of one of his dining services managers and working with him in the capacity of a professional speaker.
In my employment capacity of Dining Services Manager, I was privileged to have Jeff as my Administrator of Dining Services.  I found Jeff to be very knowledgeable about the food and customer service industry.  I worked with Jeff at my community when we were in the process of developing Long Term Care Households and implementing Person Centered Care for our residents.  I had the opportunity to observe his professionalism in his development of a Homemaker training program, which was the first formal training program of its kind for Person Centered Care and the Household models in our organization.
As the trainer, he exhibited excellent interpersonal skills and the unique ability to motivate employees to want to learn about being a homemaker in the household setting.  He was able to take employees who had no formal training as a cook, and give them the basic skills to allow them to function as a cook in a household.
I was also fortunate enough to work with Jeff as a professional speaker.  Jeff developed two presentations about Households and Person Centered Care.  One presentation focused on the training program he developed for homemakers and the other focused on having a deficiency free survey in the Household Model.
I have worked with, and for, Jeff Goldone for over 12 years.  I have observed a consistent level of knowledge and professionalism.  He met all new challenges with enthusiasm and dedication.  

Carol Hogan, CDM
Dining Services Manager                                                                       Glen Carbon, IL.


Recipes from Jeff

I generally can’t take credit for developing new recipes, but there are some that I have found over the years from cookbooks, magazines, on line or watching the famous chefs on television create that I have found to be amazing. I enjoy cooking, especially cooking for a crowd. These are some of the recipes that my guests have raved about.



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